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A Defence from Modern Attack: A Creed

October 16, 2010

The original creeds were published nearly two thousand years ago. They were a response to the growing division of the church, so that the church could know what it believes. The general principle used was that scripture must make an excellent case for inclusion of a line in the Creed. However, these days many of the truths in the Bible that are under attack cannot be found in the Creed. For example, the atonement of Jesus on the cross being a payment for sin is not mentioned. This is because in the centuries the creeds were written this was not really an issue. However, in today’s society it is a huge issue. It is my belief that we need to produce new creeds using the same principles to defend the faith today in a divided generation. I have attempted this below. It is by no means perfect, and, feedback is always appreciated. It is my hope that this Creed defends the truths of scripture that are at stake today. The scriptures used to create this Creed are listed below.

We believe in One God in three Persons
We believe in the Father
Who created the entire universe and everything in the universe
He did this by and for the purpose of His Son the LORD Jesus Christ
He created man and woman equal in His image to be blameless and holy
He created them different and gave them complimentary roles
He brought man and woman into union with one another as the pattern for humankind
He punished them for their rebellion, through which all sin came into the world
We believe in a rebellious humankind who are guilty of disobeying God and deserving of punishment
Who cannot get right with God through good works
Who cannot get right with God through good intentions
Who cannot get right with God through His refusing to judge sin
We believe in the LORD Jesus Christ
Who is the only way to the Father
He is equally fully man and fully God
He came to die on a cross in order to receive the wrath of God as a punishment for sin
He wilfully gave up His life of His own accord not being pressured by His loving Father
He died not for the sins of the whole world, but for the sins of those who come to believe
He physically rose again on the third day showing that the price for sin was paid
He prayed that all believers would be united by the truth of what he taught
He taught the importance of praying to the Father
He commissioned us to preach the Gospel with words to all nations
He is LORD of all creation and we worship him with every being of our entire lives
He will come back and judge both the living and the dead
He will lead those who treated Him as LORD into His eternal presence
He will cast those who did not into Hell where they will receive eternal punishment
We believe in the Holy Spirit
Who loves nothing more than to glorify the LORD Jesus Christ
He inspired the scriptures in their perfect and final form
He led Paul to teach the Gospel so it may be passed down throughout the ages unchanged
He leads us today and gives us guidance by making the same scriptures known to us
He brings us into fellowship with other believers, which we call the church
He uses church to teach us the word of God so we can be equipped for works of service
We believe in One God in three persons
One crucified LORD is who is Risen
One unchanging Gospel which must be preached to all nations
And, One final judgement that leads to either eternal life or eternal condemnation

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